Opportunity to Volunteer at the Philadelphia International Airport

By McNew, Leeannah posted 10-26-2021 16:49


Philadelphia International Airport is proud to announce its new initiative to attract and retain qualified volunteers, across multiple demographics, who will serve as catalysts to provide relevant information and foster meaningful interaction with travelers as they’re welcomed to our region.

The  PHL Volunteer Navigator program is a community-centered evolution and expansion of the Philadelphia International Airport’s mission and commitment to warmly, proactively, approachable, and reliably, enhance the guest experience through every single touch point.   

PHL is looking for volunteers who love Philly, want to meet new people, be part of a dedicated airport team, and experience the airport behind-the-scenes. Please click on the link for detailed information about the program--its perks and requirements--along with the application of interest.

For more information, visit: https://www.phl.org/at-phl/services-and-amenities/volunteers

"The best part of being a volunteer at the airport for me is meeting and helping people from all over the world," Ken, current airport volunteer